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New patient Enrolment 



Enrolled patients are eligible to pay the subsidized rates for services at Leeston Medical Centre. If you live within the Leeston area outlined on the map and would like to enrol with us, please complete the enrolment form.

Eligibility criteria for this service:

  • You are a citizen of NZ or Australia.

  • Or on Work Visa (2 yrs or more), Resident or Permanent Resident of NZ.

  • And will be living in New Zealand for the next 2 years.

*Supporting documents and ID, need to be provided at the time of enrolment.

Please fill out the enrollment form, and upon completion, we will proceed with the processing. You can expect to receive the confirmation of enrollment via email within the next 10 business days.

Also, complete the Pre-Registration form (medical history) and either return it to us via email (to or submit it at reception, along with your other documents, before your first appointment.

If you are unable to do it online, do make sure to come in well in advance, to allow time to fill in the form at the reception (manual form submission).

Casual patient Registration

If you are enrolled at a different GP practice and would like to see the doctor for a one-off appointment or if you are not currently eligible to enroll, then you can see the doctor as a Casual Patient. Kindly note that the casual patient fee will apply. *Refer fees

Complete the Casual Patient form and either return it to us via email (to or please visit our reception to complete the form. 


Please note:

  • that the form must be completed before booking an appointment.

  • Same day appointments are based on the availability at the time of booking.

  • To expedite your service and minimize wait times, we kindly request that you contact us by phone at 03 324 3850 rather than opting for a walk-in appointment.


Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

* For more information- refer to "Guide to eligibility for Public Health Services"

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