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Our experienced and caring medical staff provides the highest level of health service during your appointment.

Our standard appointment duration is 15 minutes. Please call us if you need a longer appointment, nursing services or would like a telephone appointment.

Phone appointments can be carried out over a phone call. It's a convenient and easy way to look after your health, from home or if you're on the move. 

MISSED APT FEE: Please note that non-attendance of an appointment without cancellation at least 1 hour beforehand will incur a charge.
Refer- Fees
Prescription Medication

Repeat Prescriptions

  • Getting repeat prescriptions has never been easier and will be processed within 72 hours.
    (Urgent-within 24 hours).
  • You will be notified by text, when your script is processed.
  • *Fee may vary. Refer- Fees

You can request a repeat prescription via our Online Patient Portal or by calling the clinic on (03) 324 3850.
Criteria to request repeat medications:
  • Prior approval and consent from your GP
  • No change in your symptoms or clinical condition, else you need to book an appointment with the GP.
  • Seen a GP in the last 6 months and have no outstanding accounts.
* If you are not eligible, you can still request for a one off 1 month supply, in case of an emergency need.
* Emailed or faxed prescriptions may incur a charge at the pharmacy.
Holiday Resort

Travel Clinic

When planning your trip, you must ensure you have the best advice for keeping yourself safe and healthy while traveling.

New destinations can present you with new risks and our aim is to make the preparation for your travel simple and easy, by assisting with the recommended vaccinations for your destination.
Read more on 'Fit for Travel' section.
  • Complete Travel Risk Assessment Form and bring it either in person or email it to
  • We will contact you to book your 30 minute appointment with our travel nurse.
  • You will receive some or all of the recommended travel vaccinations on the day of your appointment or return to complete a recommended series.  (please remember to allow up to 20 minutes extra wait time post-vaccinations)

Enrolled Patients
COST: $102 + cost of vaccines as per recommendations.
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Lab Tests

Leeston Medical Centre provides Labratory Testing and Screening. It is now easier than ever checking your lab results by using the Online Patient Portal.

Leeston Medical Centre will notify your results to you by "Text message". If you do not have a mobile phone, we will notify you if they are significantly abnormal. If you wish to discuss about the results, kindly book an appointment with your doctor.

Blood test can be done at Leeston Medical Centre between 8 am to 10 am and is *FREE for standard tests. To book online , book appointment with 'NURSE' > 'BLOOD TESTS ONLY'.

* Free for enrolled patients and funded test
s only, additional fee may be applicable for unfunded blood tests.
*$ 6 fee applicable for blood tests done between 10 am to 5 pm.

Other collection centres are:


Covid 19 Vaccinations/Information

  • Please call us on 03 324 3850 to book a Covid vaccination appointment at Leeston Medical Centre. 

  • Or click on the link below to book your Covid vaccination at any other centres.

  • For a copy of your vaccination records or requesting proof of Covid vaccinations for overseas travel, login to your My Health account.

  • For more information, updates and latest new, click the link below to visit the Covid NZ website.

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