Travel Clinic


When planning your trip, it is important to make sure that you have the best advice around keeping yourself safe and healthy while travelling.

New destinations can present you with new risks and our aim is to make the preparation for your travel simple and easy, by assisting with the recommended vaccinations.

With the right vaccinations and health advice, you can save time without having to cope with preventable illness.

Before booking your appointment with Leeston Medical Centre, please complete the Travel Risk Assessment Form and bring it either in person or email to

On receipt of your completed questionnaire, we will contact you to book your 30 minute appointment with our travel nurse.

You will receive some or all of the recommended travel vaccinations on the day of your appointment or return to complete a recommended series.  (please remember to allow up to 20 minutes extra wait time post-vaccinations)

COST: (for our registered/enrolled patients)

$60 ($90 per couple, $30 for each additional person – 15 minutes) – for 30 minute consultation per patient with Travel Nurse.

Plus, $20 prescription fee if required.

Plus, cost of vaccines as per recommendations.